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Founded in 1990, Les Bois D'oeuvres Beaudoin Gauthier is a company made up of wood enthusiasts. Our experienced experts are dedicated to surrounding themselves with people who care about the satisfaction of their customers. With expertise that will meet your needs, we serve businesses directly involved in retail.

Working in the field for almost 30 years, we operate in the North American market as well as internationally. Whether it's softwood, hardwood or panels, you’ll find what you need with our wide range of products..

Our Products

Our high-quality green or dry woods we offer comes from a variety of species known for their strength, stability, lightness and maneuverability, which of course comply with the standards of the Canadian Wood Industry Association.

Wholesaler and manufacturer of lumber since 1990,

Our team has proven its expertise in the field by advocating the quality of our products and services. Contact our timber experts who will be happy to answer your most specific needs as soon as possible.