Our Partners

Wood Transformation CBV INC

Founded in 1999, CBV Wood Processing Inc. (CBV) is a secondary softwood lumber processing plant. Acquired in 2008 by Mr. Alain Beaudoin, CBV is an important part of a value-added business integration focused on sustainable development. CBV constantly invests in its equipments as well as in its personnel in order to continue to offer an incomparable service and a constancy of exemplary quality in its products.

As a major player in Quebec's second wood processing industry, CBV will continue and always favor a close and collaborative supplier / customer relationship so that the end consumer, at the end of the cycle, is confident and happy to emit new orders.

The Laurentian Woods

Existing since the 60's, directly located on the island of Montreal. the company works closely with Beaudoin Gauthier Lumber. Purchased in 2013 by Alain Beaudoin with a partner and leader in the pallet industry, Laurentian Wood specializes in the production of pallets and crates of all shapes and sizes

Wholesaler and manufacturer of lumber since 1990,

Our team has proven its expertise in the field by advocating the quality of our products and services. Contact our timber experts who will be happy to answer your most specific needs as soon as possible.